10 fun things to do before your baby arrives

things to do before baby arrives

I’m rocketing towards my due date now and I don’t mind saying, the prospect that life will never be the same again is starting to give me the heebie jeebies. In honour of all the mum-to-bes out there who are feeling apprehensive about how life will change come D Day, I’ve put together this list of fun things to do before your baby arrives.

Fun things to do before your baby arrives #1: Stay in bed
Tiny babies are synonymous with late nights and early rises, so now is the time to take full advantage of those duvet days. Start with a delicious breakfast in bed, before moving onto an HBO marathon, followed by some trashy celebrity magazines. Delight in the knowledge that nobody needs you – except the guy on the next pillow, of course!

Fun things to do before your baby arrives #2: Rock out
When your little one arrives you’re going to have Incy Wincy Spider and Baa Baa Black Sheep blaring through the house 24/7, so take the chance now to listen to the music you enjoy. Whether that means zoning out to your favourite downloads on a Friday morning, or buying tickets to see a hip gig you’ll be glad you got in some tune-time when you’ve got Peppa Pig songs on repeat.

Fun things to do before your baby arrives #3: Get your belly on tape
When baby is doing the bladder Macarena and you’re up all night with sciatica the thought of missing your bump might sound ludicrous. But in all likelihood you’ll miss having a baby belly. At around seven months, start taking video of what your belly looks like when your tot is doing karate kicks. It’s a fun thing to watch with your other half and you’ll have it to view when you’ve got an attack of nostalgia down the line.

Fun things to do before your baby arrives #4: Go on a babymoon
It might sound like just another newly invented, self-indulgent marketing ploy but a babymoon is essential. Nine months seems like a lifetime when you’re at the beginning of it, but it goes by quickly and during that time both you and your partner change into new people (namely, mummy and daddy). A babymoon gives you that time together to reconnect. It’s also great for rest and relaxation and your chance to have one last hurrah before the little cherub turns up on the scene.

Fun things to do before your baby arrives #5: Host a sophisticated dinner party
We’re not saying that you entertaining friends and family is out once you become parents, but for the first few months you may not feel like hosting a pack of pals, mainly because all your energy will be taken up amusing your tiny terror. So before you land on planet parenthood, throw a dinner party to remember.

Fun things to do before your baby arrives #6: Pamper yourself
Your changing hormones, both during and after pregnancy, will affect your hair, skin and nails, so book yourself in for a bit of TLC at a local spa. A conditioning treatment will give your locks a new lease of life while a mani-pedi will keep your hands and tootsies in top shape. Alternatively turn it into a pamper party. Many stylists and manicurists will make house calls if you can guarantee numbers, so get the girls over and make a day of it.

Fun things to do before your baby arrives #7: Go out for dinner
While eating out with a baby isn’t impossible, it does present certain challenges, so post pregnancy you may have to sacrifice your penchant for white linens and subdued music in favour of baby-friendly establishments. What we’re saying is, if you want to enjoy a relaxing dining experience at a swanky eatery, now is the time to do it.

 Fun things to do before your baby arrives #8: Enjoy the spiciest meal you can handle
If you are planning to breastfeed your baby, your days of inhaling searing salsas and scorching hot curries are on hold for the foreseeable future. While the jury is out on the exact effects, there is some evidence to suggest that these spices make their way into your breast milk and can cause baby to be windy and unsettled.

 Fun things to do before your baby arrives #9: Go luggage-less
This might seem like a bit of an odd one, but walking out of your house carrying nothing but your keys will seem like one of life’s luxuries after your little bundle arrives, so enjoy it while you can.

Fun things to do before your baby arrives #10. Stock your freezer
Okay, not exactly ‘fun’, but your future self will thank you for this. Before D-Day fill your freezer with batches of cooked comfort food, like tasty pasta sauces and yummy casseroles. In the first weeks of motherhood, the last thing you will feel like doing (and the last thing a noisy newborn will allow) is putting on your pinny and getting creative in the kitchen, so you’ll be grateful of a few microwave meals that are just a ‘ping’ away.

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