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visitor dos and don'ts

The 6 dos and don’ts of visiting a new mum in hospital

When your friend has entered that new sphere known as parenthood, it’s normal to be excited for them. However, in addition to a new baby, there is also an exhausted, hormonal and potentially quite sore new mum to think of. We know she’s your BFF and you’re itching to give her new bundle a squeeze, but there is still a protocol when it comes to visiting her in hospital. Here are the dos and don’ts of being a perfect visitor.

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How to beat morning sickness

How to beat morning sickness

Morning sickness infusion

Before I got pregnant, I had visions of chowing down on edamame beans and tofu throughout my pregnancy, filling my baby-to-be up with all, sorts of important vitamins that would, with any luck, set her up for a lifetime of healthy eating. All good in theory, but then I hit the six week mark and suddenly morning sickness, or in my case, all-day sickness, meant I was suddenly getting up close and personal with the toilet bowl on an hourly basis. Continue reading


Baby essentials: What to pack in your hospital bag

‘Are you packed yet?’ It’s a question mum-to-bes can expect to hear incessantly during those last few weeks of pregnancy, and having an immaculately packed case sitting in the corner of your bedroom is an exciting reminder that delivery day is fast approaching. The only obstacle is knowing what to pack. Here is a foolproof list of baby essentials to pack in your hospital bag.

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pregnancy exercise

5 Pregnancy Exercise Myths Busted

Ah, pregnancy that golden time when you finally get to cancel the gym membership, put your feet up and ‘burn calories’ through a combination of channel surfing and padding to and from the fridge. Sounds idyllic, doesn’t it? But unfortunately, that’s not the reality.

While fitness shouldn’t be your main consideration during pregnancy, it’s important to stay active where possible. After all, you’re about to become a parent and in between nappy-changing marathons and late-night feeding sessions you’re going to need a good level of energy in order to rise to the challenge.

Of course, there is a lot of confusion when it comes to pregnancy exercise and what is safe, so to give me a nudge in the right direction, I caught up with pre- and post-natal exercise specialist, Amy Saunders of Urban Energy Fitness. She gave me the lowdown about pregnancy exercise and busted the myths and misconceptions that surround this tricky topic. To put your mind at ease, here is the reality check on five prenatal fitness myths that just won’t die.

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