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how to help baby sleep through the night

10 Ways To Help Baby Sleep Through The Night

Since landing on Planet Parenthood I’ve become more familiar with my bedside clock than I ever thought possible. Waking up bleary eyed to the LED display taunting me with nasty times like 3.58am and 5.02am has become a nightly occurrence and it is almost always accompanied the by the shrill sound of my baby daughter’s howl. While I love my little one very much, I must confess, I don’t want to see her every hour on the hour for an entire night, so with this in mind I decided to pick the brains of childcare expert and author Rachel Waddilove on how to help baby sleep through the night. Read on for her top 10 tips… Continue reading

Things they never tell you about becoming a parent

12 Things They Never Tell You About Being a Mum

Despite what they promise, all the parenting books and prenatal classes in the world can’t prepare you for what it takes to be a parent. Likewise, ask any mother about pregnancy, childbirth or parenting and you’ll probably get the standard stories about difficult third trimesters, the magical moment when you set eyes on your baby for the first time, and the challenges of the terrible twos. But what don’t they tell you? We asked JustKidding mothers what surprised them the most about motherhood. Read on for their stories. Continue reading

tips for flying with a toddler

10 Tips For Flying With A Baby

The Easter holidays are just around the corner and you may be thinking of jetting off somewhere nice for a few days. If not, perhaps a summer holiday is in the diary… Either way, if your trip involves boarding a plane you’re probably already fretting about how to keep your brood happy when the cabin door closes. Read on for tips on how to survive a plane journey with a screaming baby. Continue reading

mamas box review

REVIEW: Mama’s Box

Hands up if you’ve ever felt overwhelmed by the amount of pregnancy and baby products on the market? You’re not alone. As any newbie parent will testify, yours truly included, shopping for that new phase in your life can be a daunting task. From knowing which stretch mark creams really deliver on their promise of flawless skin, to picking the perfect baby bottles for your newborn, it can be a bit of a nightmare figuring out what is needed and what type is best. Fortunately, that’s where Mama’s Box comes in. Continue reading

tips for choosing

5 tips for choosing the perfect diaper bag

A diaper bag is a diaper bag, right? Wrong. As any experienced mum will tell you, nappy changes away from home aren’t always a walk in the park and having a good diaper bag makes all the difference when you’re getting busy with a nappy and wipes in public. But like all things on Planet Baby, there’s an overwhelming choice on offer and when I first set out on the task of picking the perfect piece of arm candy it made my head spin. For that reason I put together this list of tips for choosing the perfect diaper bag. Continue reading