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unexpected costs of becoming a parent

6 Unexpected Costs Of Becoming A Parent

Before I had my daughter I always did a major eye roll whenever people talked about the hefty costs of being a parent. But then I became a mummy myself and reality hit. From out-of-the-blue costs that you don’t anticipate to seemingly obvious expenses that somehow manage to blindside you, the unexpected costs of becoming a parent can really throw your finances into disarray if you don’t plan for them. Continue reading

tips for bathing a baby

8 Simple Steps For Bathing A Newborn

Let’s face it, even though becoming a mum is amazing, it’s also pretty terrifying. When I first brought Baby Boo home from hospital I was scared stiff of just about everything. Seriously. Things that seem simple now, like swaddling or offering her a pacifier induced a stomach churning sensation inside me, a bit like when you’re on a fairground ride, but nowhere near as fun. The thing that frightened me the most was bath time. Continue reading

how to get post pregnancy fit

How To Get Post-Pregnancy Fit

Let me first begin by saying that losing weight has NOT been my main focus since becoming a mummy. My attention has 100 per cent been on my daughter and husband and enjoying this magical time. Added to this, I’ve always had a bit of an issue with how so many women feel pressured to fit into a pair of size eight jeans while walking around with a six-week-old. That said, like most women, there is a part of me that laments over my pre-pregnancy body. Continue reading