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10 Questions To Ask Before Buying A Stroller

I brought my first stroller when I was three months pregnant. It was an impulse buy during one of my many nesting periods. I was passing a baby shop and suddenly the urge took me to buy a stroller. Unfortunately, as it turned out I had no idea how to fold it (there are two buttons and a leaver that need to be pushed simultaneously in order to collapse it), how much it weighed (a cool 15kg!) and as it happened, it didn’t fit in the boot of my car. Continue reading


8 Top Tips For Weaning

Now four months old, my little one seems to be getting irritated at sitting in her bouncer while we eat. To placate her we’ve invested in a Beaba Babyboost Seat and she now joins us at the table. With a plastic cup and spoon to keep her occupied, she seems much happier to be involved, but it has also served as a reminder that before long she won’t be content simply to watch mealtimes, she’ll want to be part of them… Enter weaning.

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How to be a conscious parent

REVIEW: How To Be A Conscious Parent

Last week I was invited to attend a Conscious Parenting seminar at JustKidding’s new branch at Salam Store, Wafi Mall. The event, which was hosted by Nicki Anderson, an occupational therapist specialising in child and family mental health, aimed to give parents a crash course on the new parenting approach, which is rooted in the work of Dr. Shefali Tsabary and her famous book The Conscious Parent.

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