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5 Mothers Coffee Morning Conversations

It’s not an exaggeration to say that joining a mothers group is definitely one of the best parent-related decisions you’ll ever make. As well as an opportunity to make new friends (new motherhood can sometimes feel like a lonely place) this is your chance to natter with other mamas who are going through the same experience as you. Admittedly, the conversation topics can be a bit samey, but then as a new mum your mind is on baby and not much else. Just for fun here are five mothers group conversations you’re pretty much guaranteed to hear at mothers groups.

Mothers Group Conversations #1: Breastfeeding

Let’s not beat around the bush. Breastfeeding takes time, practice and a fair amount of discomfort. You’ll probably be at it for weeks (rather than days) before you finally get the hang of it, and while it is incredibly rewarding for both you and baby, there will be times when you’ll wish humans came with a plug in and feed feature. With this in mind, it stands to reason that breastfeeding is topic numero uno at most mothers groups. As well as a chance to share tips and ask for advice, it’s also an opportunity for mums who’ve weathered the nursing storm to reminisce about the ups and downs of their own breastfeeding journey.

Mothers Group Conversations #2: Labour

Labour is called ‘labour’ for a reason. It’s hard work. In fact, it’s probably one of the most emotionally and physically challenging experiences you’ll ever experience. But whether you come out of it feeling traumatized or empowered you will probably be keen to share the story with other mums. Plus, a mothers group is about the only place (apart from the doctors office) where you can freely chuck about terms like ‘mucus plug’, ‘episiotomy’, and ‘placenta’, and no one will bat an eyelid.

Mothers Group Conversations #3: Sleep, or lack there of

New mothers get around 5.1 hours’ sleep at night (ouch!) [1], so top of the agenda at any mothers group is a moan about sleep deprivation. Fortunately this is one place you won’t be judged for having bloodshot eyes, a dazed expression or going into meltdown about being woken up on every hour on the hour the night before.

Mothers Group Conversations #4: Baby weight

Hands up if you can’t deal with another celebrity post-baby body reveal? We don’t blame you. The pressure on new mums to snap straight back into shape after giving birth is huge, so a chat over a cup of tea with some understanding new mamas could be all you need to put that post-baby bulge into perspective.

Mothers Group Conversations #5: Poop

As soon as the first mama reaches for the diaper bag, the poop talk can commence. It sounds crazy, but as any new mum will testify, the contents of your baby’s nappy will become your newest obsession. From colour and consistency to smell and size, all bets are off when it comes to toilet talk.




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