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5 tips for choosing the perfect diaper bag

A diaper bag is a diaper bag, right? Wrong. As any experienced mum will tell you, nappy changes away from home aren’t always a walk in the park and having a good diaper bag makes all the difference when you’re getting busy with a nappy and wipes in public. But like all things on Planet Baby, there’s an overwhelming choice on offer and when I first set out on the task of picking the perfect piece of arm candy it made my head spin. For that reason I put together this list of tips for choosing the perfect diaper bag.

Tips for choosing the perfect diaper bag #1: Material that cleans easily

Diaper bags see their fair share of action, from being dropped on toilet floors to unexpected poop explosions, so as much as you might like the look of that trendy suede tote, it’s probably not going to fare well long term. Look instead for something that is made out of nylon, which cleans easily.

Tips for choosing the perfect diaper bag #2: Good amount of storage

By storage, I don’t just mean capacity, but also organisation, because when you’ve got a thrusting infant shrieking for their dummy, the last thing you want to be doing is digging around at the bottom of your bag. I like the OiOi Baroque Paisley 2 Pocket Hobo, which has multiple inside pockets that can hold a variety of items, such as diapers, wipes, wet clothes and bottles, as well as outer pockets for storing keys, your wallet and a bottle of water.

Tips for choosing the perfect diaper bag #3: Handles that go over the shoulder

Becoming a parent means you will never travel light again, which is why you should invest in a diaper bag that is easy to carry. I like to be able to put my diaper bag over my shoulders, so a bag with a long strap, like the Stokke Xplory Changing Bag, is a must.

Tips for choosing the perfect diaper bag #4: Go for something lightweight

Weight is important because a diaper bag that’s heavy when unloaded will weigh that and more when it has all your goodies packed inside. And you can take it from one who knows, you’ll be carrying around A LOT of stuff when you have your baby in tow, so do yourself a favour and opt for something lightweight.

Tips for choosing the perfect diaper bag #5: Opt for something stylish

Just like handbags, diaper bags come in different shapes and sizes. The four main types include the totemessenger, backpack and stroller handlebar. A convertible bag combines two or more of these carrying options. Of course, your first consideration should always be ease of use, but if the bag doesn’t appeal to your sense of style you won’t like using it. For that reason I decided to splurge on the super stylish, but also ultra-practical Elodi Diaper Bag Apple of My Eye. The holy grail of diaper bags, thanks to its blend of fashion and function, this little beauty is wipeable, waterproof, lightweight and comes stuffed with all the baby bells and whistles, including a changing pad and a smart hidden bottle holder designed to keep your baby’s bottle upright at all times.

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