6 Reasons To Have A Professional Newborn Photoshoot

When I was pregnant with Baby Boo, newborn photography was not something I gave much thought to. Then, after she was born and I realised how impossible it is to get a decent shot of a newborn using a camera phone, I thought twice. Unfortunately, I then discovered that if you don’t book when you’re pregnant, you’re out of luck because those pictures – the adorable ones of infants curled up in baskets, nests and on top of fluffy towels – can only be done in the first couple of weeks. And, if you haven’t booked in advance, you’re unlikely to get a spot in time. To make sure you don’t make the same mistake as me, I sat down with Pink Pepper Photography baby photographer Ancke Moolman to get the lowdown on why it’s such a top idea to book in for a newborn photoshoot.

Reason to have a newborn photoshoot #1: They change so quickly

Babies’ features changes so quickly and the difference between a six-day-old and a six-month-old is massive. Having some professional pictures taken during those first two weeks is a great way to capture how your little one looks when they’re newborn.

Reason to have a newborn photoshoot #2: If you want professional shots, you need a PROFESSIONAL

It’s quite common for people to think that they can take newborn shots using an iPhone or their own digital camera, but the reality is that you probably won’t get very good results. A professional photographer knows how to get the best shots in terms of positioning baby, shooting from the right angles and catching those super-cute details, like toes and fingers.

Reason to have a newborn photoshoot #3: It will never be this easy to take their picture again

We always recommend that newborn shoots take place during the first two weeks. The reason for this is that babies are at their ‘easiest’ during this time because they sleep a lot and it’s relatively simple to get them into cute positions and poses. As they get older they become more aware and active and suddenly it’s not so simple to get those shots anymore.

Reason to have a newborn photoshoot #4: It’s your chance to catch the details

Newborn shoots are about so much more than full-body portrait shots. It’s about love, intimacy and details. For example, we take pictures of their ears, toes, fingers and mouth and these can be put into collages. We’re also able to capture that powerful emotional bond between a baby and parent. During those first two weeks baby really only has eyes for mum and dad and that’s why newborn shoots make such beautiful family pictures.

Reason to have a newborn photoshoot #5: They make really stylish birth announcements

Rather than just putting a cellphone picture on your Facebook wall, a newborn shoot is a really stylish way to say ‘welcome to the world’. They also make great ‘thank-you’ cards and are a keepsake for friends and family.

Reason to have a newborn photoshoot #6: It’s a bonding experience for siblings

We have taken some lovely pictures with little siblings together, where they hold the newborn, or give them a kiss. What we have found is that it’s a really great way to get the older child involved in a fun activity, at a time when they might be feeling a little left out.

Looking for a bit of inspiration for your newborn photoshoot? Check out these gorgeous images from Pink Pepper Photography

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