6 Ways to educate your children about Ramadan


Making Ramadan fun for kids is not as hard as you might think it is. Here are six ways to celebrate Ramadan with your children.

1.Read with your childrenbooks, which cover Ramadan so they understand the principles and the history of the Holy month for Islam.

2.Decorate your home for Ramadan with stars and crescent moons. Besides a freshly decorated home, your children will understand that the holiday is for as long as the decorations are there, you can even create a countdown to make Ramadan even more exciting.

3.During Ramadan greet each other with ‘Ramadan Mubarak’ or ‘Ramadan Kareem’ meaning ‘blessed Ramadan’. It’s just a way of welcoming friends and passerby’s alike during this holy time.

4.Involve your children during all the preparations for the holiday: they will understand and remember the month better if they’re doing something for it. For example if you are not fasting yourself, but are attending Iftar’s with friends or colleagues take your children along, so they can witness and participate in the event, and understand the concept of not eating until Iftar.

5.Doing something for Ramadan could also mean making Ramadan related crafts. You can find some great crafts on the internet, we’ve created a pinterest board especially for Ramadan.

6.And last, but definitely not least: enjoy a festive Eid Al-Fitr, if you have been fasting, you’ve earned it.

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