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8 Gifts For Second-Time Mums

When I was pregnant, I looked at my second-time-mum mates as if they were mamma veterans. They seemed so secure and sorted, while I was utterly clueless. Admittedly the latter is true, I was clueless. But I’ve since come to realise that even second-time mums need a little TLC, which is why baby showers shouldn’t just be reserved for the newbies.

Of course, second timers have lots of gear saved up, especially if number two is of the same gender as number one, but there are still lots of useful pressies you can gift. Here are eight presents to show your second-time-mum friends a little love and appreciation.

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Gifts for second-time mums #1: Babysitting vouchers
Second-timers may be more relaxed about their imminent arrivals, but they’re living on the edge of another scary frontier – how to deal with their older child when baby number two arrives. Offer to take their older child for a few hours, or better still, make a book of babysitting vouchers, redeemable when she needs a break from witching hour times two.

Gifts for second-time mums #2: Food gift card
The last thing she’ll have time for is making dinner so help her out with a food gift card. Healthy meal delivery service, Live’ly, offers vouchers for two-week packages, starting at Dhs1,500 per person. Depending on your budget, you might want to have a couple of friends chip in on this one.

Gifts for second-time mums #3: Breast pump supplies
If she’s a pumping mum she’ll already have a pump from the first time around, but she might like to update the accessories. Membranes, breast milk freezer bags and new bottles are always handy.

Gifts for second-time mums #4: Beauty pick-me-ups
With two little ones to run around after it’s unlikely she’ll have time to keep up her daily beauty regime. Instead, gift her with some easy-to-use, ultra-convenient beauty items. Think dry shampoo, energy-boosting vitamins, a BB cream and bronzer, and a tinted lip balm.

Gifts for second-time mums #5: Muslins
One word… Fabulous! These little treasures can be used as swaddle blankets, burp cloths, stroller covers, car seat liners and nursing covers etc, so it goes without saying, she can never have too many muslins.

Gifts for second-time mums #6: Blankie
Hand-me-down blankies are a strict no-no as they tend to be well worn (and sucked… and chewed… and generally a bit shabby). Instead treat her to a cozy new comforter for her imminent arrival. Personally I’m in love with the adorable Gro Comforter.

Gifts for second-time mums #7: Diaper bag
A diaper bag upgrade is a great idea for two reasons. Firstly, her old one has probably seen better days. Secondly, she now has double the amount of stuff to lug about. Diaper bags tend to be on the pricey side, so this is a great gift idea if you’re having a whip round. A great choice for second-time mums is the Mud Pie Bigger Bundle, which has oodles of space. Alternatively, click here for tips on how to choose the perfect nappy sack.

Gifts for second-time mums #8: A splurge item
Think back to when she did this the first time. Was there one item she desperately wanted but decided not to splash out on? Mine was the Elodie Details Petit Royal Sleeping Bag. Just saying…

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