what your baby really wants for christmas

8 Things Your Baby REALLY Wants For Christmas

This is my first Christmas with Baby Boo and I don’t mind admitting, it’s got me feeling all gooey inside. After all, Christmas is a magical time when you have a little one, so it’s important to make the most of it. I, for one have been scouring forums, reading parenting magazines and chatting to friends about all the fabulously festive things I can do to make this first Christmas magical. But at just under a year, I’m not sure she wants to sit on Santa’s lap or have her picture taken in a brightly-lit grotto. This begs the questions, what are the things your baby really wants for Christmas? Not exactly stuff you’ll find in Santa’s gift sack, but if I could deliver on all of this, my baby would be beside herself this Yuletide.

Things your baby really wants for Christmas #1: Your house keys

Just so you know, she’s fully aware that those brightly coloured plastic ones aren’t real. Your metal ones will do fine, thank-you very much.

Things your baby really wants for Christmas #2: A remote control

She’s had her eye on this one since ever since she caught you tapping away on it during breastfeeding sessions. Unfortunately she’s unlikely to be fooled by a toy one and for some unknown reason, babies also seem to know the difference between broken and functioning remote controls. Sigh.

Things your baby really wants for Christmas #3: No more car seats

You know that gut-wrenching howl she does whenever you hit the road? That’s her way of yelling at Santa, all the way away in the North Pole, that she doesn’t want to be strapped into her car seat anymore. Four words. Never. Going. To. Happen.

Things your baby really wants for Christmas #4: A handful of hair

Preferably it should be clean and freshly blow-dried. It then needs to be available for sucking, pulling and as a target for projectile vomit.

Things your baby really wants for Christmas #5: To never have to go near the vaccination nurse. Ever. Again

It doesn’t matter how many goo-goo ga-ga faces the nurse does. This is one relationship that is going nowhere fast. Baby would prefer that their paths never crossed again, if it’s all the same with you.

Things your baby really wants for Christmas #6: Plugs and cables

Whether they connect the computer to the charger, or the floor lamp to the wall, she’s not bothered. Cables are fascinating to babies. Needless to say, this is one Christmas gift Santa ‘aint ever delivering on. For some fab babyproofing items, click here.

Things your baby really wants for Christmas #7: A phone

This grown-up object is so much cooler than any number of sparkly baby toys, so rest assured, no matter how many gifts you buy for her this Christmas, she’ll still have her eye on your cell phone.

Things your baby really wants for Christmas #8: Wrapping paper

Want to hear your baby laughing hysterically on Christmas Day morning? Collect up all the wrapping paper, ribbons and labels and let her scrunch, rip, tare and crumple to her heart’s content. It will probably be her most magical activity Christmas ever!

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