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Babyproofing Your Home

When Baby Boo first started crawling I was beside myself with excitement. However, that euphoria was quickly replaced by dread when I realised that pretty much every area of our house posed some kind of threat to her. In the months since I’ve gradually turned what was a hazardous home into a safe haven. Read on for my top tips for basic babyproofing.

Babyproofing tips: Get down to their level

Perspective is everything when it comes to babyproofing, so in preparation for your little one becoming mobile, get down to their level to see if you can spot any potential hazards or sharp corners.

Babyproofing tips: Follow the toilet roll rule

If something is small enough to fit in a toilet paper roll it’s a potential choking risk for your baby. Therefore, all items that size or smaller need to be placed out of reach when baby is around.

Babyproofing tips: Install latches

Babies just love to explore and one of their favourite games is cupboard and drawer opening. As well as the risk of little fingers becoming trapped, there is also the worry that baby might come into contact with sharp objects or toxic cleaning products. Child-guard latches are an absolute necessity and it’s also worth storing all chemicals up out of reach, as an added safety precaution.

Babyproofing tips: Talk to them

New research indicates that infants as young as six months can understand the meaning of many spoken words [1]. Saying ‘no’, ‘danger’ and ‘no touching’, is a great way to help them understand harmful situations from a young age.

Babyproofing tips: Be ready for standing

If you think crawling poses potential dangers, just wait until baby starts to pull up and stand. Book cases, cabinets and flat-screen televisions should be mounted to the wall, while roll-up blind cords, which are a choking hazard, should be well out of reach.

Babyproofing tips: Install a stair gate

The danger of your child crawling up the stairs and falling down is obvious, so one of the first places to look when babyproofing is the stairs. If you’re concerned about installing a stair gate yourself, get in touch with UAE-based babyproofing service Shismoo Safety Services. As well as providing a thorough in-home evaluation, these guys will also install your gate for you.

Babyproofing tips: Cover all sharp edges

Sharp edges are one of those things that you don’t really notice until you have a little one to worry about. Then all of a sudden your living room looks like a potential deathtrap. Corner protectors for tables and drawers are great for preventing nasty knocks, while a tap cover in the bathroom helps to protect baby’s head from the faucet.

Babyproofing tip: Stock up on babyproofing must-haves

When it comes to babyproofing products, your shopping list will depend on the particular features of your home. However, there are some items that are universal. Here are a few of the essentials.

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