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Baby Shower Games: 7 Of The Best

If you’ve been asked to plan your friend’s baby shower, you may be feeling a little intimidated. From guest lists to party favours, there is a lot to think of, and that’s before you’ve even got onto the tricky topic of baby shower games. Finding suitable and inclusive entertainment for a diverse group of ladies, some who may never have met, is a daunting prospect. Fortunately, there are plenty of activities that help to break the ice and bring people together for a fun-filled baby shower. Read on for our suggestions…

Best Baby Shower Games: Measure the mama

The aim of this game is for each invitee to guess the size of mum-to-be’s bump. Obviously in ordinary circumstances it would be unacceptable to comment on the size of an expanding waistline, but hey, this is pregnancy and weird things happen.
What you need: A ball of string, a pair of scissors and a measuring tape.
How to play: Measure mum-to-be’s bump, being careful not to let your guests see the size. Then, ask everyone to cut off a length of string that they think matches mama’s bump measurement. Once everyone has their string, use the tape measure to see who has come the closest.

Best Baby Shower Games: Dirty diapers

A real dirty diaper has no place at a sophisticated baby shower, but what if the mushy centre is actually chocolate?
What you need: Newborn diapers (or folded napkins) and a varied assortment of chocolate bars (Snickers, Mars and Milky Way work best).
How to play: Melt the chocolate bars, and then smear each one onto a diaper. Pass the diapers around for each guest to smell, taste and feel, and then ask them to note down which diaper contains which chocolate. The person with the best nose for chocolaty nappies, wins.

Best Baby Shower Games: Baby scramble

This game is a great icebreaker and a chance to give your guests’ brains a workout.
What you need: Compile a list of 20 or 30 baby-related words (such as stroller, crib, or potty), and scramble them. Print out the list and leave a copy at each of your guest’s place setting.
How to play: You can either ask them to unscramble the words at their leisure, or make it competitive by setting the clock. The fastest to finish wins a prize.

Best Baby Shower Games: Don’t say ‘baby’

This easy game requires very little preparation and makes for continued fun throughout the baby shower.
What you need: Diaper pins (or clothes pegs)
How to play: As you greet each guest, give her a diaper pin to pin on her clothes. Then, once everyone has arrived, announce that during the party the word ‘baby’ is prohibited. If anyone hears someone else saying the forbidden word, she can steal the rule breaker’s pin. The one with the most pins at the end of the party is the winner.

Best Baby Shower Games: Guess the baby food

Ever noticed how baby food in jars looks less like the ‘roast beef’ or ‘fish pie’ detailed on the label, and more like random mush? You’re not alone, which is why this game is so much fun.
What you need: 10 to 12 jars of different flavoured baby food, numbered, with the labels removed. Remember to note down the number alongside the correct contents of the jar to avoid confusion.
How to play: Set out the jars of food with baby spoons, paper and pencils. Have the guests sample each one and then ask them to write down what they think each one is.

Best Baby Shower Games: Memorise the baby items

This practical game is trickier than it sounds, and is a great way to get the party started.
What you need: 10 to 12 common baby items, such as a bib, pacifier, and a bottle, with something to cover them.
How to play: Give each guest a pen and paper before uncovering the selection of baby items for about 15 seconds. Once you’ve covered them again, ask everyone to write down what they remember from the selection, then add up who has the most correct answers.

Best Baby Shower Games: Diaper derby

This is a chance for your guests to get super competitive.
What you need: Two rolls of toilet paper
How to play: Divide your guests into two teams and give each a roll of toilet paper. Give the guests two minutes to wrap a fellow team member in a mock diaper. Mum-to-be gets to judge and the most creatively diapered ‘baby’ wins.

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