5 safe ways to treat a baby’s cold symptoms

tips for dealing with baby's cold symptoms

Last week my daughter woke up with the sniffles. I’ve always considered myself a levelheaded and rational person, so naturally I burst into floods of tears and declared myself a failure as a parent for allowing my little one to succumb to the common cold… Continue reading “5 safe ways to treat a baby’s cold symptoms”

The Ultimate Baby Shower Gift List


Let’s not beat around the bush – one of the perks of being pregnant is that you get to have a baby shower. Obviously it’s not just the presents; it’s the ritual – the hesitant shaking to the friend what’s in there, that first pull on the ribbon, the uncontrolled joy of tearing through pretty paper in a whirl of delight and anticipation – it’s utter bliss. Until, that is, you open up your fourth baby thermometer and realise that for the next few weeks you won’t just be lugging round a belly the size of a watermelon, but also a bag of items that need to be returned to baby boutiques all over town. Suddenly that baby registry seems like an awfully good idea. To help avoid a burst of gifts you can’t use, I’ve picked some great items to include on your wish list (hint, hint to friends and family). Put them on your registry NOW and that way your baby won’t end up with a wardrobe full of ill-fitting onesies on baby shower day.

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The 6 dos and don’ts of visiting a new mum in hospital

visitor dos and don'ts

When your friend has entered that new sphere known as parenthood, it’s normal to be excited for them. However, in addition to a new baby, there is also an exhausted, hormonal and potentially quite sore new mum to think of. We know she’s your BFF and you’re itching to give her new bundle a squeeze, but there is still a protocol when it comes to visiting her in hospital. Here are the dos and don’ts of being a perfect visitor.

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How to beat morning sickness

How to beat morning sickness

Morning sickness infusion

Before I got pregnant, I had visions of chowing down on edamame beans and tofu throughout my pregnancy, filling my baby-to-be up with all, sorts of important vitamins that would, with any luck, set her up for a lifetime of healthy eating. All good in theory, but then I hit the six week mark and suddenly morning sickness, or in my case, all-day sickness, meant I was suddenly getting up close and personal with the toilet bowl on an hourly basis. Continue reading “How to beat morning sickness”

5 Pregnancy Exercise Myths Busted

pregnancy exercise

Ah, pregnancy that golden time when you finally get to cancel the gym membership, put your feet up and ‘burn calories’ through a combination of channel surfing and padding to and from the fridge. Sounds idyllic, doesn’t it? But unfortunately, that’s not the reality.

While fitness shouldn’t be your main consideration during pregnancy, it’s important to stay active where possible. After all, you’re about to become a parent and in between nappy-changing marathons and late-night feeding sessions you’re going to need a good level of energy in order to rise to the challenge.

Of course, there is a lot of confusion when it comes to pregnancy exercise and what is safe, so to give me a nudge in the right direction, I caught up with pre- and post-natal exercise specialist, Amy Saunders of Urban Energy Fitness. She gave me the lowdown about pregnancy exercise and busted the myths and misconceptions that surround this tricky topic. To put your mind at ease, here is the reality check on five prenatal fitness myths that just won’t die.

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Delicious food for during your pregnancy


Petit-Suisse cheese with berries and cereal

Hello. My name is Catherine and I am addicted to cookbooks. I’m only half joking here. The truth is that I have a huge cookbook collection and try as I might, it doesn’t look like I’m going to stop adding to it any time soon. Being seven months pregnant, my latest purchase is the Mum Cook Book by Beaba, which contains recipes for fresh, tasty and light treats for women during pregnancy. The recipes are designed for use with the Beaba babycook Solo, a baby food maker that steams, cooks and blends. It’s great news for mums-to-be, because the two combined give those who plan to make their own baby food the opportunity to have a practice run before the little one arrives.


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8 ways to soothe heartburn in pregnancy

fears about childbirth answered

Whether it’s low blood pressure, indigestion, swollen ankles or sickness, every pregnant woman struggles with something. Heartburn is my particular brand of torture. I tried all the usual tricks, such as going to bed sitting up, which brought on a bad case of lower back pain – talk about double whammy! Next I moved onto TUMS antacid tablets. Unfortunately they turned out to be about as effective as a watering can on a forest fire. My doctor then suggested avoiding food six hours before bedtime (she types laughing). Er, are you kidding me? You want a pregnant woman to go 14 hours without food? My husband may lose an arm, while I lose my mind in a haze of hormones and ravenous morning sickness.

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