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8 Ramadan Essentials for the Busy Parent

With Ramadan right around the corner, parents could use some products that would help them around the house. We’ve put together a few products that could help make your daily routines easier! 

An absolute essential in the kitchen is the new Beaba Milk Prep. Suitable for babies from ages 0 to 4 years old, the Prep ensures that parents can prepare smooth and delicious milk for their little ones.

The one feature that all mommies love is the controlled temperature feature, which helps preserve the nutritional quality of breast milk. It is also suitable for powdered formula milk, breast milk, milk chocolate and many more!


4moms® believes that infant seats would be better if they replicated the natural motions that parents use to comfort their babies, and they were right! The
4moms® mamaRoo® 4.0 Infant Seat has been a top favorite for parents.

As the parents get busy with their Zoom calls or chores around the house, they can place their baby in the mamaRoo® as it would soothe and entertain the little one!


With lots to prep before Ramadan, the
Ergobaby Omni 360 Cool Air Mesh gives you the option to carry your little one around the house hands-free! Stay busy while having your little one on you.

The best part is that both parents and baby stay cool and comfy with this carrier thanks to the breathable, lightweight feature. This product is suitable for newborns up to 48 months (carry up to 20 KG).


Changing nappies can be quite time-consuming. With the
Tommee Tippee Twist & Click Nappy Disposal Bin, you get unbeatable germ and odour protection, keeping your home fresh and smell-free as you clean up after your little one.

The nappy bin individually twists and wraps each nappy to safely seal away germs, without you having to make trips to the outside bin!

We all struggle with the everyday kneeling and bending over a bathtub during bath time. We’re either just not close enough or high enough.
With the CharliChair 2-in-1 Bath Chair, all our bath time problems are solved!

The CharliChair gives parents the convenience of three level height adjustment and a multi-position recline for the little one. There is easy access to release water and refill as well as have a non-slip seat surface & rubber feet, keeping your baby safe in the shower at all times.



Between meetings and mealtime, the Skip Hop Explore & More Jumpscape Foldaway Jumper always comes in handy! Place your little one in the jumper and keep them entertained. 

The jumper rewards your little one with lights and music and breaks into applause at 100-jump milestones! It features a 360-degree rotating seat so your baby can sit, swivel and bounce safely for maximum exploration around the house! Once playtime is over, you can easily fold the baby jumper flat for storage.


A bed that grows with your little one, the
SnuzKot Mode can be used from birth to 10 years. The base has 3 height positions, making it easy and convenient for parents to get their little one in and out without over-stretching. 

Lift your little one from the highest point and as they learn to sit and stand, the base can be lowered to help prevent them climbing out.


Angelcare AC527 Baby Movement Monitor allows parents to get things done while little one is resting. 

This advanced monitor offers parents not only the peace of mind of seeing and hearing their baby, but also adetects movements across the entire surface of the mattress. The two-way talk back feature allows you to soothe and reassure your little one when needed.