How to choose a high chair

At around six months your baby will probably be ready to begin the weaning process. That means it’s time to go high chair shopping. Unfortunately not all high chairs are created equal so you need to do your homework in order to find something that suits your lifestyle, space at home and your child’s needs. To avoid a purchase that leaves you dreading mealtimes with bub, there are five key questions you can ask yourself before you go shopping. Here’s how to choose a high chair…

How to choose a high chair #1: Is it easy to adjust?

When it comes to high chairs, recommendations are everything, so talk to friends and family about the high chairs they found most easy to adjust. It might seem like a small thing, but stiff buckles and difficult-to-remove trays can make mealtimes tricky. Before you buy, always have a go at adjusting the tray and undoing the buckles on the harness.

How to choose a high chair #2: Is it comfortable?

Your little one will enjoy eating with you much more if they’re in a chair that’s comfy. Look out for something that is spacious with a strong back and a footrest to keep their feet supported. Padding is also good, as long as it’s easy to clean.

Looking for a high chair?
  • SUPAflat High Chair - Dhs995

How to choose a high chair #3: Is it easy to clean?

Weaning can be a messy business, so the easier your high chair is to clean, the better. Watch out for textured fabric or anything that is hand wash only, as this will make more work for you when it comes to cleaning. One exciting feature we like about the Oribel Cocoon Complete High Chair is that it has a tray within a tray feature, where the top tray can be removed and put in the dishwasher.

How to choose a high chair #4: Does it have the features I want?

The folding action of the chair is important, especially if you’re planning to move it out of the way after mealtimes. You might also want to look at how neatly it folds away and if you are going to be able to store it against a wall or in a cupboard. In terms of space saving, we especially like the SUPAflat High Chair which folds in one quick motion, to just 4cm thickness.

How to choose a high chair #5: Will it grow with my child?

Most high chairs are designed for children aged 6 months to three years. However, the Kidsriver Donald High Chair will fit your child up until the age of seven, while the Stokke Tripp Trapp has an optional newborn attachment, which means it can be used from birth, right the way up until adulthood. Now that is a chair that grows with your child…

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