Being a mother of my two boys aged 3.5 years and 1.5 years I have had to rewrite my idea of being a mother and life itself.

Over the past few years I have tried to come to terms with my feelings by reflecting on why exactly I feel it is so different to be mother of boys.

It’s not just the energy, wrestling, toys, the games, the clothes… It’s also the interests you have in common, the relationship you expect in the years to come, and the general understanding of life experience as a man versus a woman.

With understanding and actually going through it. I have tried to think of practical ways I can embrace being a mother of boys.

I realize this may seem silly to those who have a daughter, or mothers who have got beautiful sons who may not be like mine. But I feel this is an important topic to post about as I have had conversations with many other “boy moms” and know I am not alone in this challenge.


Here are just few simple tips I am doing my best to embrace being a mother of boys.

– Talk to other moms of boys

This has got to be the most important one. Talking to someone who is going through something similar is so so important. Like being pregnant, when you talk to other pregnant women you feel normal, you feel empowered and sympathetic. Just like that talking to other moms of boys will make you feel like you are not alone if you are going through certain struggles.

– Read about boy parenting

Now this might sound silly but again I feel the reason to write this blog is because I have read a lot online the past few years. And it really gives you insight and different ideas to deal with different situations.

– Take some time out for some girly stuff

One of the most important tips is to be a girl yourself. In all those wrestles, getting kicked and punched or probably head butted you might feel like a wrestler yourself. It’s important to take time out for yourself. Where you take care of your skin/nails/hair etc because that’s a girl thing to do and helps you feel like a girl in a house full of boys.

– Getting physical with them is natural

Now this might not make sense to some but with both my boys it is the case. Boys love to be physical; whether it’s playing or getting a cuddle off them. Both my boys love when I pick them up or when they lay down on my chest to have a cuddle. This is just them showing you their affection and they’re way of connecting with you, being their mother.

Saba Shoaib

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