mothers day gifts she really wants

Dads: These are the Mother’s Day gifts she really wants…

Mother’s Day is fast approaching, which means mums the world over can look forward to their annual delivery of macaroni necklaces and homemade cards. But what if your little ones aren’t quite old enough to make you Mother’s Day gifts? Dads, this is where you need to step in, but keep the flowers and chocolates on hold. As any new mum will tell you, raising a tiny human being is tough work, so if you really want to win points this Mother’s Day, ditch the usual Mother’s Day offerings, and instead take over the reins for a few hours and give the lady of the house a well-earned day off.

Mother’s Day gifts: Sleep

On average, new mothers get around 5.1 hours’ sleep at night (ouch!) [1], so it’s hardly surprising that a bit of shut-eye is right at the top of our list as a Mother’s Day gift. Therefore, if you really want to earn brownie points this Mother’s Day offer to take over some of those nighttime duties and give her the eight hours of blissful sleep she’s yearning for.
Extra credit:
Even if she is still breastfeeding, you can make yourself useful by bringing baby to her in the night. Alternatively, suggest that she expresses some milk before bedtime, and then you can simply warm up a bottle in the night and leave her snoozing. We guarantee she’ll be smiling in the morning.

Mother’s Day gifts: A lie-in

Parenthood. Where 8am is a lie-in! That’s right, she doesn’t need to sleep in all day, but just to be able to wake up without the alarm clock or the noise of her children bursting through the bedroom door would be a treat.
Extra credit:
Rather than simply gagging the kids, take them out for an early morning walk on the beach, so that mum really can wake up in her own time.

Mother’s Day gifts: A bath (in peace)

Top of most mums’ lists is to be able to go into the bathroom without being pestered through the door. But, if you really want to spoil her, run the bath, light the candles and keep the little people out of the way long enough for her to read a few chapters of her favourite book and pop a couple of slices of cucumber on her eyes lids while she dozes in warm water heaven.
Extra credit
While she’s in the bath, take care of all those little chores, like folding the laundry of stacking the dishwasher.

Mother’s Day gifts: Some TLC

A bit of pampering goes a long way, so whether you get her a gift card to a day spa, a basket of her favourite beauty products, or book her in for some at-home beauty treatments, she’ll be smiling come Mother’s Day.
Extra credit
If you give her a gift certificate, make sure you also plan a time for her to go and use it otherwise it will just sit at the back of her wallet gathering dust.

Mother’s Day gifts: A break from motherly duties

Motherhood can be pretty fatiguing. From the dirty diapers to snotty noses and endless amounts of family laundry, it’s not surprising that she feels exhausted. Tell her to take herself off for a few hours and while she’s out, clean the house, make the meals and deal with all the little people dramas that usually fall at her door.
Extra credit
When she comes home, tell her to sit down and put her feet up and give her a cuppa. It will mean a lot to her.



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