I have no words to describe how much I love Christmas. From the first appearance of the John Lewis Christmas advert, to the twinkling lights that sparkle throughout the city malls, nothing quite compares to the warm and fuzzy feeling of the festive season. This year is extra special, as it will be my first as a mummy. Therefore I’m determined to make it as magical as possible. To ensure the festive cheer is in abundance, I decided to get some inspiration from my favourite bloggers about their Christmas traditions. Here’s what they had to say…

Christmas traditions: Emily Liden from Dubai Our Sandbox, is mum to six-year-old Luella and 14-month old Josefin

“We count down the days before Christmas using a homemade calendar that has 24 little bags, each big enough for a small gift or piece of candy. I also pop a little note into each bag. The notes could be a message of appreciation or something to do that day,  like watching a Christmas movie together, drinking a hot chocolate or going to the store to choose a new ornament for the tree.”

Christmas traditions

Emily with Josefin, Luella and her husband, Wilhelm

Christmas traditions: Faye Bartle from Baby Drool is mum to two-year-old ‘X-Man’

“A tradition I’m hoping to start with X-Man this year is Carols in the Desert. The experience sounds magical and I’m sure it’ll be the ideal way for our family to get into the Christmas spirit. Of course, X-Man will love the singing, which is an added bonus.”

Christmas traditions

Faye and X-Man

Christmas traditions: Helen Farmer from The Mothership is mum to nine-month-old Pheobe

“Growing up, my parents were big on festivities. From finding sooty footprints in front of the fireplace on Christmas morning, to opening stockings before breakfast with everyone crowded in their bed, it was a magical time. Now I have my own daughter, and I’m looking forward to beginning our own traditions, starting this year for her very first Christmas. One tradition I’m starting is a special present for Phoebe the night before Christmas, with a box containing new holiday-themed pyjamas, a festive film, for us to watch together as a family, a bedtime book and a decoration dated for that year. Of course, we’ll be leaving out cookies and a drink for Santa, plus a carrot for Rudolph too!”
Helen is also the editor of Good magazine.

Christmas traditions

Helen and Phoebe

Christmas traditions: Sara Sadik from sarasadik.com, is mum to 14-month-old Adriana and three-month-old Rayan.

“It’s Adriana’s second Christmas and Rayan’s first, so she’s a bit of a veteran now, whereas he’s a newbie (quite literally) and will have to learn the ropes from her before the festivities begin. Our Christmas tradition is singing Christmas carols everyday from the day the Christmas tree goes up until the New Year. Obnoxiously loud soprano voices are welcome as well as funky chicken moves.  Housekeepers and DHL/Aramex delivery men also get in on the fun.  Okay, so maybe not so much. In all honesty, it’s usually just me going solo at the chorus of ‘fiiiiive golden riiiings’, while they watch on and judge me, but I love it!”

Christmas traditions

Sara with Adriana, Rayan and husband Omar

Christmas traditions: Irene Feeney-Steele from Gingham and Sparkle, is mum to two-year-old Molly and three-month old Conor

“I really want to pass on Christmas traditions that I was brought up with and decorating the tree was something I always looked forward to when I was a child growing up in Ireland. The whole family would get together for it, and we’d have Christmas music playing in the background, festive films on the TV and hot chocolate and marshmallows. My little ones are still a bit young at the moment, but as they grow, this is one Christmas tradition I will be passing on to them.”

Christmas traditions

Irene with Molly and Conor

Christmas traditions: Corrine Fuchs from Mummy In Dubai is mum to four-year-old Ruby and two-year-old Nate

“Towards the end of November I buy the kids a new pair of cozy winter pyjamas and fuzzy slippers. Then, once December starts, they don their new sleepwear and we sit nestled on the couch each weekend watching Christmas movies, drinking hot chocolate with marshmallows and snacking on homemade Christmas cookies.”

Chirstmas traditions

Corrine with Ruby and Nate

Christmas traditions: Edwina Viel from seashellsonthepalm is mum to Luca, Sofia, Lorenzo and Leonardo

“I haven’t actually put together a Christmas box before, but a lovely friend suggested it so this year we are including it in our list of traditions. Inside the box, which the children will open on Christmas Eve, there will be some popcorn, some festive-themed PJs, a Christmas DVD (The Snowman), some cookies and some chocolate sprinkles for the hot chocolate.”

Christmas traditions

Edwina with husband Maurizio, and children Luca, Sofia, Lorenzo and baby Leonardo


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