Newborn photography

Newborn Photography: All You Need To Know

They’re not little for very long, so you may be thinking about booking in for a newborn photography session. However, when you suddenly find yourself in charge of a tiny human being, remembering to brush your teeth is a monumental accomplishment, so getting out the door for a photoshoot can seem like a daunting prospect. Fortunately it’s not as scary as it sounds and thanks to the expert photographers at Pink Pepper Photography, the whole experience is designed to be as seamless and enjoyable as possible. I sat down with baby photographer Ancke Moolman to get all your questions answered.

Newborn photography: How long does it take?

Here at Pink Pepper it’s a one-hour session. If we can make it any longer we will, but generally the studio is booked on an hourly basis.

Newborn photography: How do you keep baby warm?

When we do skin shots parents often worry about baby getting cold. But rest assured, this won’t happen. We have a heater running throughout the shoot and we use a lot of props, such as swaddles and textured blankets, which keep baby warm. Also, and it sounds a bit odd, but we work with very high-voltage lights and they give off a lot of heat, so generally what we find is that baby is comfortably warm.

Newborn photography: What’s the best age to do it?

We recommend newborn shoots take place within the first two weeks. We can push it to three weeks, but obviously the older they get the more aware they become, which makes it considerably more tricky to capture those adorable sleepy shots of them all curled up.

Newborn photography: Are the photographers familiar with babies?

Absolutely. All our photographers have been trained in terms of hygiene around infants and how to handle babies. We are also highly experienced in how to get baby into the right position, so don’t be scared to let your photographer help you.

Newborn photography: How much does it cost?

Our shoots start from Dhs299, which covers the shoot. You then buy your images on top of that, which are priced from Dhs200 per picture.

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