5 Newborn Health Boosts

newborn health boosters

Whether it’s a common cold or a stomach bug, there are few things that strike fear into a parent’s heart more than the thought of their baby being sick. Unfortunately, there’s no way to ensure your little one won’t get ill, but it is possible to improve newborn health. From taking the right supplements to enjoying skin-on-skin time together, this is your chance to give your baby’s health a head start.

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The Crying Game

tips for dealing with colic

My daughter didn’t cry when she was born. In fact, it took being poked and prodded by the midwife and pediatrician for her to let out her first yelp. The first few minutes after she came into the world felt like hours as I waited for her to open her little lungs, but eventually she produced an almighty howl. I instantly felt a rush of love, joy, gratitude, relief and excitement all at the same time. At that moment it was simply the best sound in the world. At that moment…

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