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I am writing this post slightly shaky and completely confused at the lack of respect people have for their own children. Harsh words for a Monday morning? Yes. Let me tell you why…

This morning I witnessed an incident I never want to witness again… A car crash.


Ok, so in Dubai we seem to come across them all the time. From small ‘tips’ to slightly bigger and then to horrific crashes that you hear people giving out that they have to sit in their cars for hours on the highway but yet they zoom passed the incident for fear they catch a glimpse. Yes it really is awful that these accidents occur however the lack of seat belt awareness in the UAE really upsets me and I really do feel more needs to be done to raise awareness.


On a daily basis I could count on two hands how many cars I pass with kids walking, standing up, hanging out the sun roof or a window, sitting in the front passenger seat and don’t get me started on the “having a turn driving”. What makes this acceptable? How could we consciously put on our own seat belts and then leave our Littleloves at risk?

For a while I wondered was it cultural. We have just arrived back from a holiday in Bali, Indonesia and witnessed families of five on a moped. Yes, you heard that right! Five people on a moped and it seemed so natural to them. They put their fate in Gods hands so to speak and where comfortable with their lifestyle. I’m not saying I agreed with it but I could appreciate this was the way they lived.

It may sound so hypocritical but I just can’t appreciate this for the UAE. We live in Dubai where life is so fast paced and the cars are just as fast to match this lifestyle. Why are we not buckling up? Mylittleloves are 1, 6 and 10 and myself and my husband do not have the answers to parenting by any means. We find parenting tough, just like everyone else. However one thing we 100% agree on is that their safety must always come first. We both believe that it takes less then a minute to buckle up and neither of us would ever want to put our Littleloves at risk.

Hopefully soon the UAE will have proper enforcement of the law for wearing seat belt’s and introduce the seatbelt law for anyone travelling in the back of a vehicle. Until then PARENTS it really is up to YOU. Take that extra few minutes. Come up with a new routine for your family. If running late is the problem – get up earlier and make the time. Say no to Littleloves who ‘want a turn driving’ – perhaps bring them on a go cart!

If the issue is that you are not aware of what car seat to get for your child, their is a team of support at Just Kidding who are always willing to help. They will show you different seats and fit them into your car. The process really is that simple.

YOU buckle up so remember to buckle up your precious cargo too!

Helly O’Brien

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