Swaddle Up with Love To Dream™

Everyone deserves a good night’s sleep – especially babies! Love To Dream™ ensures that your baby indeed does sleep like a baby with their Newborn to Toddler Sleep System. They provide the highest level of quality with trusted sleep solutions to the very real parenting challenge of better quality and longer sleep for the whole family.

Swaddling is a useful way to help your baby sleep on their back. Love To Dream™ has figured it out for parents and stands by providing safer and comfortable  sleep for your little one! The Love To Dream™ Swaddle UP™ allows you to more safely swaddle your little one to sleep with the following advantages:

  • Without risk of any loose fabric unraveling during sleep time
  • With their ARMS UP™ which may impede involuntary rolling and allows self-soothing via sucking
  • With room to move their hips & legs
  • With room to sleep in the correct position with legs flexed in the ‘frog’ position
  • In a single layer of breathable fabric to reduce the risk of overheating
  • With twin zipper for easy nappy changes

Love To Dream Swaddle UP Bamboo LITE


The first stage is the Love To Dream™ Swaddle UP™, with its patented wings, it is intended to be used from day one and can help lay a strong foundation for sleep from birth. It allows your little one to sleep in a more natural ARMS UP™ position, so they can self-soothe, via sucking.


Love To Dream Swaddle UP Transition Bag Original Mint
The second stage is the
Love To Dream™ Swaddle UP™ Transition Bag, which is the easiest and gentlest way to help your baby transition from swaddling while maintaining the snug and secure feeling of being swaddles. You just have to zip off one wing at a time, allowing your little one to slowly adjust to ‘arms-free’ sleep. 

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Eco Rascals’ 4 Easy Recipes

Mealtime prep can be daunting but trust the good people at Eco Rascals who recognized these struggles and gave us products that not only keep your family in mind, but also the environment. 

Eco Rascals shares a deep passion to reduce the use of plastic and knew they needed to develop products that were sustainable and biodegradable. That’s why they chose bamboo! Bamboo grass matures in five years, significantly faster than any wood product. It is grown and harvested without the use of pesticides. Organic bamboo is eco-friendly, biodegradable, heat, stain, odour and water resistant and most importantly it is non-toxic.

We are so excited to bring you their line of natural yet stylish tableware, along with delicious meals to enjoy with! So get your little one’s bib and appetite ready, here are 4 fun recipes that you can prepare, some even with the help of our food processors:

Apple and Beetroot Baby Puree



2 cooking apples
1 beetroot (150g)
Baby milk

See full recipe here




Banana Pancakes



1 large overripe banana
2 organic free-range eggs
1 cup whole wheat flour
1 teaspoon baking powder
½ teaspoon vanilla extract
½ teaspoon cinnamon (optional)
1 tbsp coconut oil for frying

See full recipe here




Butternut Squash Soup



1 Butternut squash
1 small red onion
1 clove of garlic
1 medium sized carrot
1 potato
1 stick of celery
2 tablespoons of coconut oil
1 litre of low sodium vegetable stock
2 tbsp pine nuts

See full recipe here



Loaded Jacket Potatoes


2 small baking potatoes (serves 2-3)
One cup of grated Red Leicester cheese
2 tbsp sour cream
2 tbsp frozen peas
1 tbsp spring onion finely diced
1 knob butter

For the salad
4-5 frozen blueberries
½ cup of sweetcorn, cucumber and carrot (raw and diced)

See full recipe here

Dad Approved Essentials

Father’s Day is just around the corner, and although we don’t need a specific day to celebrate the main men in our lives, it’s a great excuse to spoil our dads who continue to spoil us everyday!

To celebrate our leading men, we’ve put together a list of essentials that not only make parenting easier for dads but also help in building stronger bonds with little ones.
Baby carrier for dads: Stylish and does not break your back

Ergobaby 360 Cool Air Mesh Baby Carrier

Cool & breathable, the 360 Cool Air Mesh offers every carry position to get out and about with a baby, from summer hikes to leisurely strolls. Lightweight and breathable for warm climates and active daddies!


Doona+ Infant Car Seat and Stroller

Doona’s sleek and stylish design allows busy Dads to navigate streets with ease, without disturbing little one when hopping into a car, taking the train or walking up stairs. It is the only car seat to have been tested and certified as an infant car seat, a stroller and an infant carrier providing overarching safety for your child always, definitely Dad approved!


Torba Daddy Bag czarna Childhome - ❤ BabyMama.pl

Childhome Daddy Bag

Daddy cool! This Daddy Bag is the perfect diaper bag for all the tough dads out there. He is big, functional and looks great thanks to its original Belgian design. With multiple compartments and elastic bands inside, organizing a diaper bag has never been this easy.



UPPAbaby VISTA V2 Stroller

For Dads with big families, the VISTA V2’s intuitive design allows for multiple configurations, making transporting a second and third child a breeze. Start with one child in the bassinet, infant car seat, or toddler seat which she’ll use until she no longer needs a stroller. And when your family grows- add a second rumbleseat and even a glider board to take a third child along for the ride.


Skip Hop Duo Signature Diaper Bag, Heather Grey – NY Baby StoreSkip Hop Duo Signature Diaper Bag

The updated Duo Signature boasts of new features that dads have requested! The new zip-top closure ensures belongings stay securely in the bag. Tote handles for versatility and an easy-access tech pocket have been added along with a new front panel design that allows for more storage and stability while keeping items at the bottom of the bag easily accessible. 


Baby Food Made Easy! - The Modern Dad

Beaba Babycook Solo

For all the chef dads, the Babycook helps prepare delicious balanced meals for you baby in seconds! It is the ultra-compact solution for your baby weaning, with its 4-in-1 food processor that steam cooks, blends, defrosts and reheats.


Staying Home for The Summer

Staying Home for the Summer

When life starts happening from home, as a parent, you need to ensure your little one has the same routine ongoing. Here’s a list of must-haves from the time your child wakes up till bedtime so you can stay home and stay sane!

Rise & Shine

Stokke - Sleepi Mini Bundle | West Coast KidsStokke Sleepi Mini
Four beds in one.. The Stokke Sleepi Mini is the perfect first bed for your baby. Its distinctive oval shape provides your baby with a sense of security by creating a cozy nest-like environment.
With adjustable height positions as well as the ability to grow with your child, it expands to accommodate the changing needs and sizes of the growing child while maintaining a comforting familiarity.


Love To Dream Swaddle UP Bamboo LITELove to Dream Swaddle Up
The innovative SWADDLE UP™ BAMBOO LITE 0.2 TOG with patented wings is intended to be used FROM DAY ONE™ and can help parents lay a strong foundation for sleep, from birth.

The multi-award winning zip-up swaddle that allows your baby to sleep in a more natural position ARMS UP™, so they can self-soothe, via sucking.


Babybjorn Bouncer Balance Soft
Bouncer Balance Soft is an ergonomic baby bouncer where your baby can play or rest close to you, while you shower, prepare a meal or do other household chores. Your baby’s own movements set the baby bouncer gently rocking, which is great fun for your baby.

The fitted fabric seat is comfortable, and gives good support to your baby’s back, neck and head. You can use the baby bouncer for your child from birth up to the age of 2 years.


Lunch Time

مواصفات و سعر Beaba - Highchair Up & Down Textile Seat - Grey في ...Beaba Up & Down High Chair

Beaba’s high chair is ergonomic, stylish and adaptable to all dining areas allowing babies to participate in all moments of family life. It has a super modern design made from durable and attractive materials to seamlessly fit into your kitchen.

Suitable for 6 – 36 months


Beaba Babycook Macaron Limited Edition

4-in-1 food processor: Steam cooks, blends, defrosts and reheats. 

Babycook allows you to prepare delicious balanced meals for the baby in a second! It also steam cooks as quickly as 15 minutes, preserving the flavours and vitamins.


Eco Rascals Owl Bamboo Suction Plate
Eco Rascals Owl Bamboo Suction Plate

A super suction plate with a detachable silicone suction base that works with an airtight mechanism to ensure tight grip on the highchair or table.

Organic, recyclable, biodegradable, grown and harvested without the use of pesticides – Isn’t this owl design such a hoot!


Skip Hop Bib

Zoo Baby Bibs are lightweight and water-resistant with a handy catch-all pocket to keep things neat and tidy at mealtime.

Zoo Bibs have a clever tuck-away pouch – perfect for travel or for storing when dirty.


After School Club

Skip Hop Reversible Playmat

Designed to double the choices for stylish, baby-safe floor covering, the reversible playmat flips from a colourful kid-friendly pattern to a modern decor print for two looks in one.

Simply roll it up for convenient transport and storage. The easy-care foam mat provides a jumbo-size cushioned play space.


Infantino Explore & Store Activity Turtles Gym

This perfectly portable, easily storable play space entertains little explorers with soft textures, soft mat, and three fun zoo friends.

This Play mat folds easily for storage and travel.




Hasbro Operation Board Game

Hasbro Operation Board Game

It’s the family favorite Operation game with fun Try Me packaging and truly classic funny ailments! Cavity Sam is feeling a bit under the weather, and kids will love to “operate” and make him better.




Bath Time

Blooming Bath Lotus

Bathe your baby in the cuddly softness of this adorable plush flower!

The Blooming Bath Lotus is beloved by parents and babies around the world – the new Lotus proves to be even better. It’s a great alternative to traditional baby bath tubs.


Skip Hop Zoo Hooded Towel

Toddler-sized Zoo hooded towel makes drying off after bath time fun!

100% super-absorbent cotton terry has embroidered details and is gentle on your little one’s skin.



Mustela Cleansing Wipes 70pcs
Mustela Cleansing Wipes

Delicately scented and ultra-soft wipes for baby and child’s face, hands, diaper area and body.

Gently cleanse the skin and leaves it feeling pleasantly fresh. Leave the newborn, baby and child’s skin soft and moisturized.


Ubbi Potty Hook, Toilet Training - My Baby Babbles
Ubbi Diaper Caddy

Store all your diapers, wipes and changing mat in one convenient and portable location.

The diaper caddy provides parents with convenience, durability and accessibility by having all the diapering supplies organized in one portable storing unit.


 Bed Time

Beaba Pixie Stick Night Light

This movable lantern is a great accessory to lighten up your home with warm, shining light. Brighten up your home with the Beaba Pixie Stick Night Light.

This features a soft light to reassure a child at bedtime and a brighter light for reading a book or when moving around in the dark.


A Little Lovely Company Neon LightA Little Lovely Company Night Light

Add a cool touch to your little one’s room with these funky neon lights! Don’t you love these super trendy heart and cloud shaped neon lights?

This LED-light is an energy efficient and durable version of the popular neon light. It is made of plastic and can therefore be used safely in kids rooms.


Angelcare Baby Movement Monitor with Video
Angelcare Baby Movement Monitor with Video

Angelcare’s AC527 Video, Wireless Movement and Sound monitor allows parents to relax whilst the baby is resting.

Movement detection with alarm, digital audio, secure video and room temperature enable parents to better respond to baby’s needs.


DSC_8929 - Moulin RotyMoulin Roty Les Tout Doux Soft Toy

Moulin Roty presents a new collection exclusively composed, as its name suggests, of very soft characters! A perfect night time comforter and playmate for your child when falling asleep.

Suitable for 0+ months


World Environment Day: Green Is In

Having a baby undoubtedly comes with a lot of gear and accessories. If you’re an eco-conscious parent, you can ensure a more positive environmental impact by choosing eco-friendly products that are also a safer choice for your little one.

When shopping for eco-friendly essentials, look for products that are nontoxic and made of recycled or sustainable materials. Some products are also eco-friendly by design, replacing single-use or less durable items with a longer-lasting product. 

It’s a given that going green is great for your baby and for the environment. So to celebrate World Environment Day on June 5th, here’s a list of our top sustainable brands that will help you live green everyday:

Designer Bart Bost designed the first Greentom stroller with the planet and the next generation in mind. A brand that loves to keep life simple. Which is why they’re passionate about making no-nonsense products for everyday use: green, recyclable design, smartly produced. That is how they add sustainable colour to the world. 




A brand created to support the environment, parents and their little ones! From establishing a founding ethical ethos, to using only the safest ingredients in formulating their products, Pureborn aspires to continue their efforts in building a brand that prides itself on pure transparency.



Eco Rascals
A brand that believes in ethical luxury for the next generation rascals. With wonderfully stylish and eco-friendly tableware goodies for your children, Eco Rascals’ aim is to build a business that positively contributes to the local communities both socially and environmentally.




Fauna Kids
A premium baby clothing brand made from GOTS certified organic cotton. Their baby clothing includes rompers, babygrows, dresses and many more. Inspired by Irish woodland animals such as hedgehogs, rabbits and foxes, displayed in bright, beautiful colors.




Mustela’s motto has always been: Caring for your baby and the surrounding world. The baby skincare expert for nearly 70 years, Mustela continues their on-going effort to imagine the best possible care products, giving  priority to ingredients of natural origin. They are committed to protecting the environment and our planet, while always preserving the values. 



Jack N’ Jill
Jack N’ Jill’s main focus is being natural, safe and good! Using recycled and natural materials instead of plastics and they are a cruelty free company. Their Toothpaste is 100% safe for young children as it is made with natural ingredients – especially because they have a tendency to swallow it, rather than spit it out!


The Ultimate Eid Gift Guide

With Eid right around the corner, we put together a list of goodies that are sure to bring a smile to your loved ones:

1. Gift Sets

These beautiful gift sets have a range of products perfect for playtime, mealtime & bathtime, all packed with love for little one!

 Done By Deer Tiny Activity Toys Gift Set       Sophie La Girafe Birth Set

   Done By Deer Tiny Activity Toys Gift Set                    Sophie La Girafe Birth Set                   

Beaba Gift Meal Set          Naif Newborn Essentials Gift Set         

                   Beaba Gift Meal Set                                   Naif Essentials Newborn Gift Set

2. Toys

If you’re looking for toys to gift this Eid, look no further! Keep the kids engaged and entertained with our wide variety of toys that offer fun and learning at home.

Larisa and Pumpkin Ball Pool       Skip Hop Zoo 3-In-1 Ride On Toy

         Larisa and Pumpkin Ball Pool                           Skip Hop Zoo 3-in-1 Ride On Toy

Hape Tunnel Mountain™        Yookidoo Gymotion® Lay To Sit-Up Play™       

         Hape Tunnel Mountain™                               Yookidoo Gymotion® Lay To Sit-Up Play™

3. Board Games

Celebrate family time this Eid! Solve exciting puzzles or play various board games, our new games appeal to all age groups so the family can sit together and have lots of fun.

 Hasbro Monopoly Game: Ultimate Banking Edition          Hasbro Game Of Life Board Game

  Monopoly Game: Ultimate Banking Edition                    Game of Life Board Game

4. Something for Mommy

Don’t forget to get something for the Mama’s this Eid! Every mum deserves a little help, whether it’s to keep them comfortable or help with little one around in the house.

          Tiny Love Nature's Way Bounce & Sway

                      Beaba Bib’Expresso                              Tiny Love Nature’s Way Bounce & Sway

 Red Castle Big Flopsy Maternity & Nursing Pillow - Blossom ...        Skip Hop Light Up Diaper Caddy                    

                 Red Castle Big Flopsy                                      Skip Hop Light Up Diaper Caddy

5. Decor

These cute home accessories complete any nursery or kids bedroom! Our collection includes must-have items from lighting, to furniture and many more unique pieces.         

 A Little Lovely Company Lightbox A4       A Little Lovely Company Clock

      A Little Lovely Company Lightbox A4                       A Little Lovely Company Clock

6. Baby wear

Get your babies fashion on point this Eid! Shop our selection of kids clothing and accessories

  Little Green Radicals Gold Classic Dungarees       Albetta Crochet Dolphin Babyvest

                    Little Green Radicals                                                       Albetta  

 Fresk Short Sleeve Bodysuit Forest       Fauna Kids Dress Rabbit

                               Fresk                                                                      Fauna Kids


Tidying Up & Winding Down

Has quarantine at home turned your living room turned into a playground? We know the stress. Trying to keep little ones entertained these days means more toys and baby paraphernalia, which means more tidying up…

Now more than ever parents need products that can help organize living spaces and also excite kids to put things back where they belong. So we put together a list of storage and organization must-haves that can help declutter and destress. Here’s some life savers that will help tidy up so you can wind down later!

Discover the Play&Go Playmat and Storage Bag which is a simple and effective solution to toy storage that also doubles as a playmat. From lego to dolls, cars and blocks, everything can be swiftly cleared away with one swing. When kids use the Play&Go, it motivates them to clean up and throw toys in the bad!

See more from Play&Go


Childhome Rattan Basket + Belt Toys + Small Toys Set of 2

If you’re looking for cute and functional the
Childhome Rattan Toy Basket is perfect. These beautiful straw baskets with leather handles and closure belt straps are perfect for storage and helps kids know which basket to store their toys.

See more from Childhome


3 Sprouts Llama Laundry Hamper #Sponsored , #spon, #Llama#Sprouts ...
Does laundry seem to be taking over your child’s nursery or bedroom? The
3 Sprouts laundry hamper is a handy solution. And when you’re ready to go, simply lift the handles and tote your laundry away!

See more storage organizers from 3 Sprouts


Nobodinoz Panda Basket Honeycomb Medium Pink
Nobodinoz Panda Basket is great for your baby’s nursery, for a tidy desk, or any room at home. The multi-purpose basket has a cotton honeycomb finish and is easy to move and rearrange around the house. 

See more from Nobodinoz


Dreambaby Royal Converta Playpen GateThe Dreambaby® Royale Converta® 3 in 1 PlayPen Gate is a fantastic, versatile playpen which can be used in so many ways at home. It consists of 6 panels of which 1 is a door (total 3.8 meters). The play-pen can be set up in a variety of shapes, remaining large enough for your little ones to enjoy free space to play around in, or to store their toys safely in.

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Babywearing: Keeping your work close and your babies closer!

There’s no doubt that babies prefer being held all the time… and why wouldn’t they? They are carried for almost a year prior to birth, in a cocoon of warmth and safety. Babywearing can provide a similar continued intimacy for you and your little one. Baby carriers and wraps allow parents to maintain that special bond, while also providing the luxury of being hands free! 

With the world we’re living in at the moment, babywearing really does make life easier. You can continue with your chores around the house without worrying about being far away when your little one needs you. Remember, a carried baby is a happy baby.

Two of the most beloved brands that are synonymous with babywearing are Ergobaby and BabyBjörn. Their main focus has always been to provide comfort for both baby and parent. 

Ergobaby is well known for their carriers and wraps that define comfort and ease of use. The brand was created by mom, Karin Frost whose humble design revolutionized how we carry babies. Beginning with a parent’s love for her child and her desire to keep him close, the ergonomic, comfortable design of the Ergobaby Baby Carrier was born.

One of the best selling products from Ergobaby is the Omni 360 Cool Air Mesh Baby Carrier:

Ergobaby Omni 360 Cool Air Mesh Baby Carrier


  • Parents and baby stay cool and comfy
  • Adjustable from newborn to toddler (3.2 kg – 20 kg)
  • All carry positions plus ultimate ventilation
  • Breathable, lightweight all-mesh carrier
  • Machine washable
  • Breastfeed in carrier

For more life savers from Ergobaby, click here


BabyBjörn sold their first baby bouncer in 1961. Founder & pioneer Björn Jakobson knew that it would make things easier for families with young children, and he was right – it’s been one of the best-loved products ever since! Björn and Lillemor, a textile designer and art director, got married and had four children, each of whom served as the inspiration behind a new product to solve an everyday dilemma.

Björn had always worked closely with pediatricians, and in the 1970s they encouraged him to develop a baby carrier. New findings at the time shed light on how important plenty of closeness is for newborns. Hjärtenära (“Close to Heart”) was unveiled in 1973, giving parents in Europe the means to carry their babies safely on their chest. Years later, and Hjärtenära still holds true

Fresh from BabyBjorn is the highly recommended Baby Carrier One Air 3D:

  •  0 – 3 years (min 3,5 kg/53 cm, max 15 kg/100 cm)
  • 4 front and back carrying positions
  • Inbuilt infant insert & adjustable head support
  • Ergonomic leg position
  •  Pressure-relieving waist belt
  •  Hip-friendly baby carrier

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Keeping Kids Engaged and Productive at Home


It’s not easy keeping the kids busy these days, especially when they have the opportunity to glue themselves to the TV or iPad. Kids always want something more- more fun, more excitement and more options!

We’ve put together a bunch of toys and art supplies that can help kids stay productive during the day. With these unique activities, they can spend hours being entertained, learning and building on creative skills.


With the Hape Discovery Scientific Workbench, your little one can explore their inner scientist! This cool junior workbench contains over 10 different experiments and encourages children to invent their own models and machines and teach them about science. 

Suitable for 4 years old and above. 

Check out more Hape interactive sets. 


This Melissa and Doug Magic Set includes 10 easy-to-master tricks for beginners! The set helps young magicians improve their confidence, fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination as they amaze family and friends with exciting tricks and illusions. 

Suitable for 8 years old and above.

Check out more Melissa and Doug interactive sets. 


Kids can have fun with this Poppik Giant Sticker Poster. On a large partially colored poster, you can stick the colored stickers following the numbers indicated. This could be turned into a game of who can find the numbers and stick the stickers the fastest. Little by little, a giant mandala appears made of different shapes such as triangles, squared and diamonds.

Suitable for 7 year olds and above.


OMY XXL Colouring Poster Fantastic

OMY Coloring Poster turns out to be a great family activity! Kids can express their creativity and build on their coloring skills while they’re home. It can be used as a placemat across the table, or can be used as wallpaper. Each poster from OMY varies in design, keeping it enjoyable for the entire family! 

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Ball pits are great not only for fun, but also for developing your baby’s rough and fine motor skills!

The Larisa and Pumpkin Ball Pit is both modern and stylish and guarantees hours of fun for your baby. 




The MISIOO slide suits perfectly for use with the MISIOO ball pits and playmats. Its attractive and contemporary design guarantees to brighten your mood and keep your children entertained for hours.

Climb up, sit down and slide… it’s not just fun but also trains your child’s motor skills. Exercise is important for a child’s development and the MISIOO slide encourages self-confidence, independence and plays a role in willingness to learn new skills.

Check out our MISIOO products.


The Childhome Tipi Tent creates a dreamy space to play for your children. It’s very trendy and can be placed anywhere in the house, with its playful character it becomes the eye catcher in the room.

Your little ones can sit in the tipi and read books, play with their toys or even do some coloring.